No political donations

No donations means

no donor influence

Under current laws, the major parties only have to disclose donations received above $14,500 to the Australian Electoral Commission each financial year.

That means that millions and millions in donations from lobbyists, energy companies, gambling enterprises and so on go into their coffers, without being disclosed for months and months on end.

Australians deserve to know who is holding the purse strings of the major parties before voting for them. Politicians are meant to represent the people, not their donors.

That’s why I hold myself to a higher standard, and I accept no donations. I fund my entire political campaign using my own money.

My priority is to stick up for our community in Bean and be a truly representative voice with integrity in our Parliament.

Jamie Christie Independent for Bean & Norfolk
For the house of reps

Dr Jamie Christie
Independent for Bean & Norfolk

Australian Federal Elections 
Canberra ACT

Federal Candidate for the seat of Bean in
Canberra ACT & Norfolk


Hi, I’m Jamie Christie.

I’m standing as an Independent for Bean, the Federal Electorate for ACT and Norfolk Island.

My Grandfather came to Canberra in 1927 and my Dad was born here. When my family moved to Garran it was the last suburb.

I’ve Yabbie’d at Angle Crossing, camped along Paddy’s river, barbequed at Pine Island, and done the school excursion to Tidbinbilla to be hassled by the emus.

I came back to work as a junior doctor in the Canberra Hospitals in 1990 then trained as a specialist Emergency Doctor.

I’ve worked in one or the other of Canberra’s Emergency Departments since 95. I might have met you there.

If the electoral office had put the boundary of Bean one suburb over, I’d have lived and worked in the electorate for close on 40 years. As it is, it’s 16.

I’ve been a public sector salaried doctor for 32 years.

I’ve never been a member of a political party, and I’m not a politician.

If I was a politician, I’d finish by telling you what Australians want.

I’m not sure what you do want, but if it’s not another ex-political staffer in Parliament, I’m standing as Independent For Bean

Thank for your interest in my page.

I’m interested to hear what is important to you and what challenges you are facing.

I’m committed to making a real difference in politics, so your concerns matter to me.

Please message me.

Message me:

Dr Jamie Christie.  A trust-worthy straight-forward guy who does what he says

Jamie Christie’s grandfather arrived in Canberra in 1923, and Jamie has lived and worked in the South Woden for most of his life.

He has a long commitment to local public service having worked medical jobs across both public hospitals, as a senior specialist in the Emergency Departments and as a director of training for both Junior and Specialist doctors.

He and his partner Karen (a primary teacher) have no children, and as he is hopelessly uncoordinated he has never belonged to any sporting clubs.

He has never previously had any political involvement, but concerned with the destructive impact of political infighting, lack of principled leadership amongst our career politicians and lack of progress on the decarbonising the economy decided to stand as an Independent Candidate for Bean Canberra.

Bean electorate candidate

Dr Jamie Christie, Climate Change Candidate for Bean, drives-the-drive in electric car

They say that if politicians talk-the-talk that they should walk-the-walk, but local Candidate for Bean in the upcoming Election, Dr Jamie Christie, is planning on ‘driving the drive’.

Dr Jamie Christie, who is a first time independent candidate and is self-funded is picking up his new Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid today at Lennock, Philip.

The car that recharges overnight, will travel the first 60 or so km on battery.

“It’s fantastic,” said Dr Christie, “Given that the first 60kms are on battery, most of your daily town stuff is electric,”   Dr Christie said that, in the long run, the running costs of the car are much less than regular petrol run vehicles.

Dr Christie is one of 8 candidates running for the new seat of Bean and is running on a “no party” platform.

“The party system is broken and party politicians only answer to factional machines before the community,” Dr Christie said,

“The electorate of Bean has been taken for granted or ignored for far too long.”