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Dr Jamie Christie
Independent for Bean

Australian Federal Elections 2019 | Canberra ACT

Federal Candidate for the seat of Bean in Canberra ACT

Who am I?


I’m Jamie Christie.

I think we need to get serious about climate change.
I’m not a politician and I’ve never belonged to a political party.

I’m standing as an independent for Bean.


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Dr Jamie Christie. 
A trust-worthy straight-forward guy who does what he says


Jamie Christie’s grandfather arrived in Canberra in 1923, and Jamie has lived and worked in the South Woden for most of his life.

He has a long commitment to local public service having worked medical jobs across both public hospitals, as a senior specialist in the Emergency Departments and as a director of training for both Junior and Specialist doctors.

He and his partner Karen (a primary teacher) have no children, and as he is hopelessly uncoordinated he has never belonged to any sporting clubs.

He has never previously had any political involvement, but concerned with the destructive impact of political infighting, lack of principled leadership amongst our career politicians and lack of progress on the decarbonizing the economy decided in January to stand as Independent in Bean.

He is appalled that the ACT Liberals have continued to preference Tony Hanley in spite of that candidates now widely reported bigotry.


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Independent Candidate for Bean Canberra
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Real Climate Action
Treat People Fairly
Respect retirees
Raise NewStart
Support the Elderly
Federal ICAC
End RoboDebt
Stop Publick Service Cuts
Stop Publick Service Cuts
Strong Local Economy
Better Education

Dr Jamie Christie, Climate Change Candidate for Bean, drives-the-drive in electric car

They say that if politicians talk-the-talk that they should walk-the-walk, but local Candidate for Bean in the upcoming Election, Dr Jamie Christie, is planning on ‘driving the drive’.

Dr Jamie Christie, who is a first time independent candidate and is self-funded is picking up his new Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid today at Lennock, Philip.

The car that recharges overnight, will travel the first 60 or so km on battery.

“It’s fantastic,” said Dr Christie, “Given that the first 60kms are on battery, most of your daily town stuff is electric,”
Dr Christie said that, in the long run, the running costs of the car are much less than regular petrol run vehicles.
Dr Christie is one of 8 candidates running for the new seat of Bean and is running on a “no party” platform.
“The party system is broken and party politicians only answer to factional machines before the community,” Dr Christie said,

“The electorate of Bean has been taken for granted or ignored for far too long.”

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